The management represents as the heart of Thien Chi as well as the soul of the whole system are workers. Without them, there will be not Thien Chi nowadays. Therefore, we pay full attention towards improving the living standard and benefits for our workers.

Thien Chi‘s private kitchen provides hot meals daily for our workers hence we can keep our workers healthy. Ingredients that use for each meal are checked 100% just to con rm they’re freshness and cleanliness runs so that the water come out at every tap will be at their purest.

Lastly, water source is also an important factor of workers’ health. In Thien Chi, we implement industrial water lter system that continuously.

Most of our workers face difficulties in their life previously and also have limited access to information, in turn it leads to their lack of knowledge about how to prevent HIV/AID. Understanding that problem need to stop from the root, we provide monthly class in which doctors in the eld can educate them, help them step by step to prevent the disease. Thien Chi also offers social and health insurance, pregnancy support to every workers who join in our big family.

We also follow overtime working hour restriction. We understand that work overtime does not bring higher quality.